Friday, May 08, 2015
happy mothers day

A Very Happy Mothers Day To One And All!
A few pictures in celebration of the day........
And a few more.........
And below,
My favorite color.......

And here is more..........
And what is more beautiful than an Orchid.......
Have a Very Happy Day, My Dears.........

More To Come.......

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I know it has been a very long time since I posted and I am truly sorry about that......

A few days ago I got what I felt was a rather mean spirited comment from someone who I do not recall commenting in the past---(and if she has, please forgive my lapse in memory)......

The comment was chastising me for being a bad blogger because I have not responded to the many comments asking how I am; that it was rude of me and at 84 I should know better.....and saying it was very wrong of me for not letting people who care about me know how I am, and then added, and, "if you are dead...well, RIP."

I didn't post it because I found it so cold and truly shocking, unfeeling and hurtful. 
(And if the person who wrote that comment happens to be reading this, I am still 83 and will turn 84 the end of June, God willing...)

To all of you wonderful reader friends that I actually know from your years of caring commenting, and from your truly wonderful blogs, your incredibly supportive understanding has not gone unnoticed by me----and I have tried to get around as much as energy permits, to as many of you as I can, thanking you and letting you know where I am at and what is happening to me---all be it, in rather vague terms......

My Health Issues have really really laid me low and leave me with very little energy for blogging and even for going on the computer, at all.

The other factors of living life with an incurable disease plus one's body just falling apart as it sometimes does as we get older, have left me very depressed.
More losses of dear ones which seem to be the 'norm' these days, has added to that depression.
And that, on top of the ravages of the body, makes it very clear to me that there is no good end here.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel here except possibly the light you see, hopefully, when you leave this life.

As many of you know, I have been confined to my home for over 10 years.....not able to go anywhere; not able to participate in any of the life I lived before this disease was diagnosed----and that has been very very hard.

This blog has saved me.
All of you have saved me.
But, I am running out of steam now.
Things are getting worse and will continue to do so, I'm sorry to say----that's the nature of illness and age, and I must say---
it really pisses me off,
and leaves me feeling pretty hopeless.

And I have to say, I really hate writing all this to you because I always wanted my blog to be a place of creativity and hopefulness, in spite of what was and is happening to me.

But I'm at a point now where all of my waking hours are just about taking care of my bodily needs and that is very wearing and it takes all my energy.
I wish I could hug each and everyone of you to let you know how meaningful your loving friendships have meant to me over these more than nine years of blogging----a gift I never expected and a gift I truly treasure. 
You will never know just how important all of your friendships are to me.

I have no idea when I will write again on my blog, and I hope and pray I will be able to......And if I am not able to, I also hope and pray you all will understand.

I guess I should thank the person who chastised me because it did propel me to write this update.....

I love you all with all my heart, and I will continue to stay in touch as best I can, when I can.

Hoping there is More To Come, but I make no promises because I don't really know what is to come......


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Wednesday, February 11, 2015
hi, again......

I've been away from my blog for quite a while now.....
Between 'Health Issues', which have kind of worn me out, and other stressful things that have been happening, 
I just don't have the energy or desire to try and write a post.....
During this last 7 or 8 weeks, I got to watch a lot of films....I'm so very grateful to have been able to see almost all of the films up for Awards and winning many Awards already.
There are some very very good films this year, each of them hoping to pick up that 
Golden Fellow known as OSCAR!

What to go and see or rent?

Here's a suggestion:

If you haven't already seen it,
give yourself the gift of---

This is a funny, endearing, delightful and beautifully filmed and edited picture that is pure joy!

There is a wonderful performance by Ralph Fiennes---brilliant, really....

Fiennes is handsome and charming and utter perfection as the Greatest Concierge of any Hotel, ever, ever---anywhere in the entire world!
He can make you laugh out loud, and a second later.....bring you to tears!

There are lots of fun 'name' actors in this film--some in very small parts----but, all, important!
It is a brilliant ensemble, and
it's a truly 'Original', (in every way) Screenplay by Wes Anderson, who also directed it.
It is gorgeous to look at---the production design and the sets and the costumes---plus the fantastic editing all add up to a feast for the eyes, and a truly special film experience.
This is a 'feel good' movie that is a welcome change from many of the so called serious and somewhat depressing films available right now.

There are nine inspiring films vying for the Best Picture Award.....

All worthy......
All worth seeing.....

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" stands alone in it's 100% entertainment quotient!

Top notch in every way.
Will it win Best Picture?
Probably not.
Should it win Best Picture?
(in my humble opinion)
It absolutely should!!
Oh, do try to see this, if you haven't already, before Sunday February 22nd.....

More To Come........

Note: I thank all of you dear sweet wonderful people for your concern and encouragement and your heartfelt caring....These are hard days, but knowing you are out there sending all of these sweet messages, means everything!
I thank each and every one of you with all of my heart.....!
Not sure how soon I will be posting again----time will tell....
And I promise to visit you, when I can....
Sending big hugs to you all.......

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014
happy happy holidays

A Very Very Merry Christmas To You All!
May 2015 be a Healthy, Happy, Joyous Year
For Each And Everyone Of You,
For All Those You Love And Hold Dear!

Sorry I have been MIA, but life has been difficult these days......
I'm looking forward to visiting you all again, and writing more again, in this approaching New Year of 2015!

Loving You All And Wishing You All 
The Very Best Of Everything!

More To Come........

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Friday, November 21, 2014
mike nichols

After I read the news of Mike Nichols death, early yesterday morning....All I could think about was what a great and special man he was----so talented in every way----writer, director, exceptional human being in every way----the loss to his dear dear wife and family----the loss to all of us-----especially those of my generation.

I remember Nichols and May.....what a team they were----How truly side-splitingly funny they were---how we all bought their recordings, wanting to savor forever their on-the-nose-humor where human foibles were concerned---that GREAT sketch where they were mother and son-----it was truthful and painful and hysterically funny, all at the same time.
And his incredible gifts as a Director-----winning 9 Tony's.  NINE!
A Grammy, a couple of Oscars and a couple of Emmy's, too......He was in that rarefied small group known as 'EGOTS'----people who had won the big four Awards given to those few people who have proven their talents in all the 'Arts'---Theatre, Movies, Music or Spoken Word and Television.....
I did not know Mike Nichols, though I spoke to him once, on the telephone---a funny story too long to go into here.....
But.....I felt like I knew him and more than that, that he knew me. 
His work---his choices of plays and films touched me deeply.

"Angels In America"; and epic life-changing work,  brought to the small screen by HBO....His love and attention and understanding of Tony Kushner's play spoke volumes to the heart and the head.
"Birdcage", a funny treasure of a film based on the French film, 'La Cage Aux Folles'....The casting was superb----Robin Williams and Nathan Lane and Gene Hackman and Diane Wiest among many other wonderful actors----
"Who'd Afraid Of Virginia Woolf", starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor----getting performances from them that were unforgettably memorable.....
He discovered Whoopi Goldberg doing stand-up in a small theatre in New York in 1984 and brought her to Broadway---making her "career".
The list goes on and on......films like "The Graduate", "Silkwood", "Catch-22" and on and on....He directed Robert Redford and Elizabeth Ashley on Broadway in "Barefoot In The Park", by Neil Simon.....and, again, Simon's "The Odd Couple" for Broadway, with Walter Mathau and Art Carney.....And another Neil Simon play, "The Prisoner Of 2nd Avenue", with my dear long-time friend, Lee Grant----I was at the Opening of that one, and on and on and on, gathering those 9 Tony's.....
It was Mike Nichols who brought "Death Of A Salesman" back to Broadway a few years ago, in a revival with Philip Seymour Hoffman......

When The American Film Institute honored Nichols with it's Life Achievement Award a few years ago, it was one of the most joyous evenings I have ever witnessed.  The love in that room for this true genius, and 'mensch' of a man, was palpable.....

I've watched all of those evenings since they began televising them-----this one was unique. The true feelings of love and respect and yes, awe, were undeniably real.
He was all those things

Why do I feel such a loss?
He was such an enormous presence in my world of 'show business' for over 55 years.
We were all so lucky to have had him in this world in our lifetime.
Someone you thought would go on, forever.
His death is another reminder of the fragility of life, especially as I grow older.
Another person who touched my life in such a deep way.

And of course, for those who really did know him and loved him---his beloved wife and children and grandchildren----and those incredibly lucky people who worked with him....

Well.....I cannot even imagine their loss.

RIP, dear dear Mike Nichols. 
I thank you for touching my heart and my soul and for giving me so many wonderful and exciting experiences with your exceptional razor-like understanding and your unique talent, and for giving me unforgettable spectacular memories that have and will stay with me, forever.

More To Come..........


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